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Region Orchestra Information


The Region Auditions are an important part of the fall semester for orchestra.  Students will start practicing for their ‘region auditions’ at the beginning of the school year, culminating in a region performance (for those who are selected) at the beginning of December.  Here’s a basic idea of the timeline:

September: practice, practice, practice

October: Regional Symphony Auditions (typically one weekday evening mid-to-late October)

Area Recording for State – students may also be selected (during the Symphony Auditions) to make a recording to be submitted to State – typically on a Saturday at Reagan

November: Regional Philharmonic Auditions (typically on a Saturday)

December: Regional Orchestra practice/performance – usually the first weekend in December – students practice intensely Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon – performance is Saturday evening.  It’s an exciting (and exhausting) 2 days for them. (Usually at Reagan)

FYI – at the high school level, students will choose to audition for the Symphony and/or the Philharmonic Orchestra.  Eligibility to audition for both changes, so students should check with their director each year and decide what is best for them.